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Tree Pruning

Trees may require pruning to keep them away from wires, fences , buildings and other assets, to improve long-term health and or/structure, for aesthetic reasons and/or to permit people to cohabitate safely with them. All pruning is carried out according to Australian Standards 4373 (1996), Pruning of Amenity Trees. There are several different forms of pruning; dead wooding, crown lifting, canopy thinning and directional pruning for structural reasons.

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Tree Removal

Despite trees providing a beautiful backdrop to our landscapes and urban lives, sometimes their removal is unavoidable or necessary. Our company’s trained and qualified staff is able to remove any size tree and with extensive crane operations, helicopter removal management and qualified EWP operators available; thus making trees in difficult positions are no problem.

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Vegetation Management/Clearing

BBTS specialises in vegetation management around power lines and also clear corridors are based in the Northern Rivers also find a strong call for clearing parcels of land of the Camphor Laurel and just for development purposes.

In addition to offering all aspects of tree care, removals and chipping. BBTS now offers an environmentally friendly and efficient way to clean up properties using its Bobcat fitted with a specialised “grooming head”- a highly proficient way to get on top of land that has been taken over by weed and neglect. This method is fast becoming the friend of clients and agents wanting to tidy up a property to put on the market.

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The conversion of waste resulting from abovementioned practices to recycle the resources back into the environment. We can either spray the wood chip created from mulching vegetation back into the garden or we can store it in our tip trucks for specified placement on job site.

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Stump Grinding

Available for complete tree removal, to prevent new shoots, remove trip hazards and to make room for new plantings.

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Chemical Treatment

Chemicals can be applied to trees for insect or disease control either spraying, soil application or stem injections. Can be used in the management of tree species such as Camphor Laurels when tree removal is not an immediately viable option (due to soil stability) but the tree is an undesirable. Or just to ensure a removed tree does not reshoot.

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24hr Emergency Response

We endeavour to responds to all calls and request for emergency response 24hours a day/ 7 days a week. With our extensive array of specialist equipment and staff, we are the capable to respond to any call out type and make safe potentially hazardous situations.

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BBTS can assist with the completion of tree reports for planning approvals and can also provide professional advice and management systems for all aspects of tree care and maintenance.


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