Contractual Commitments

Vegetation Management

Above and below ground asset vegetation management is an integral part of ensuring that power supply is not disrupted at any time due to interference by plant growth. It also ensures that any potentially hazardous situations such as bushfire and injury to persons/property can be prevented.

Such specialist work requires rope and harness (spikeless) climbing techniques and other high levels of power line safety comprehension.

All staff who work in this area hold specialist vegetation management certification and close approach training in relation to power lines required for each respective position.

Our company regularly works under contract with several large developers and government agencies in meeting and maintaining vegetation management standards in relation to development, bushfire management and public safety.  We would be happy to provide references and information pertaining to these current and past work associations.

We always welcome the opportunity to submit prices for any contractual work involving vegetation management in Northern NSW and South East Qld.  Please send any requests through to

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