Tree Removal

Tree removal can be dangerous, At BBTS we utilise Safe, controlled techniques to remove hazardous or dangerous trees. Tree removals should be executed by experienced cert III arborists. BBTS only employs professional qualified arborists in order for removing trees in confined spaces, power lines, houses, roads and all types of obstacles. BBTS specialises in accomplishing tree removal in a safe and skilled manner as not to damage surrounding property.

When an assessment is made for tree removals near property services or utilities, BBTS has advanced tree removal techniques to ensure safety for our arborists as well as a commitment to ensure safety to the surrounding community and environment.  We utilize the use of mechanical aids such as cranes and sometimes helicopters for the most cost effective removals.

We process all parts of the tree using our Bandit wood chippers recycling the tree into mulch which is yours to keep and put back into the garden or we will take it away at no extra charge.

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