Dimity MacBeth – Arana Hills

Yesterday we had a tree removed from our property which had fallen on our fences from the neighbour’s yard in the storm. I received a call at work from my neighbour advising that your company wished to obtain access to my property to remove the tree. My husband, when we spoke about the likelihood of this occurring a few days beforehand, advised me that he did not want this to happen as he thought our yard would be destroyed with machinery etc.

We have had problems before with tree loppers not being very careful and received some damage (not from the tree) but their truck to some of our property – which was unknown to us until after they left and no way for us to prove they did it. My husband also helped our neighbour last Friday remove trees from his driveway which had been dumped there by the tree removal company that his insurance company used to remove a neighbour’s tree that was on his house. This guy had been out with the SES most of the week, so it just made it all the worse. So you can see why my husband was not keen. We also removed ourselves all of the branches from the fallen tree on our side and the debris so that we would not have problems with further damage to our property.

When I spoke to the fellow from your company (who’s name I don’t remember), he was very professional and advised exactly what they would do (ie machinery etc). I did give him the third degree a bit, given the above.

When I came home last night, I was pleasantly surprised that not only was there no damage, but there was no debris in our yard, the fence palings were all in a pile, the gate was closed, the tree was gone completely and there were no tyre depressions along our driveway grass – nor mud strewn everywhere.

I greatly appreciate the efforts of your staff in this regard and their professionalism.

Please thank the staff that removed the tree at my property yesterday, my husband and I are extremely grateful for its removal and the way in which it was completed. Thanks