Land Clearing

BBTS are fully equipped to carry out block clearing and other land clearing projects in Northern NSW and South East Queensland. Block or land clearing is often required for creating suitable spaces for approved development, civil works or clearing of woody weeds and unwanted vegetation.

Our qualified staff in conjunction with specialised plant and equipment, including excavators, 4×4 Tractor Slashers, wood chippers, flail mulchers, mowers and grinders can efficiently and safely clear any blocks and or work sites

BBTS loves our environment and the community in which we live. Ecological assessments can be conducted and appropriate approvals attained. We will go above and beyond expectations to provide a safe and positive outcome. We strive for a mutually beneficial outcome for the client and the environment.



Weed Spraying

Weed spraying is available for commercial contracts only.

BBTS is an EPA (Environmental Protection Authority) approved and certified contractor. This means we are capable of applying herbicides by hand or by use of a boom sprayer in accordance with best industry practice. Our 4 x 4 specialised spray unit, has the capabilities for small or large jobs.

We appreciate the use of chemicals is sometimes seen as environmentally unsensitive, however, in some situations it offers the only cost effective and practical way to control weeds.

There are many types of application methods, cut and paint, stem injection as well as direct foliage application. All staff are trained and certified to transport and apply chemicals safely.
Camphor laurel is a typical common woody weed that dominates the Northern Rivers and Byron Trees is more than happy to provide clients with cost effective solutions for its removal and control.

Tree Consultation

BBTS provides various arboricultural consultancy services and related reports as well as advice on everything tree related, from Tree inspections, Risk assessments, tree protection zones, correct planting, species selection and tree care

Our experienced and qualified Cert V consulting arborists use industry inspection methods such as Visual Tree Assessment (VTA), International Society of Arboriculture TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification) and QTRA (Quantified Tree Risk Assessment). These methods can be used to determine tree health and vitality and help make informed decisions around suitable management of any proposed tree works as well as meeting the needs of all interested parties while mitigating risk where present. The following reports can be provided:

  • Tree risk assessments/management plans and hazard assessments
  • Tree audits
  • Council Development Applications
  • Tree protection plans
  • Arboricultural impact assessment reports
  • Preliminary tree assessments
  • Dead, dying and dangerous tree inspections and reports

Reports are drafted by our AQF level 5 Arborists and are underpinned by the relevant Australian Standards such as “AS 4373- 2007 Pruning of amenity trees” and “AS 4970 -2009 Protection of trees on development sites. and latest industry best practice.


Tree Removal

At Byron Bay Tree Services, we love trees, but understand sometimes there is a genuine necessity for tree removal.

Occasionally, trees display defects that can be associated with an elevated risk of failure. In certain cases where that risk is unacceptable, tree removal is the only option. Staff at BBTS are qualified to inspect trees using industry best practice methods such as Visual Tree Assessment (VTA), to determine levels of associated risk and make informed decisions about their management.

Where required, we will remove any tree, in any condition, in any situation, provided the appropriate approvals are granted, however where possible we prefer to retain trees and conduct tree pruning works.

Our Arborists are formally trained and experienced with all operations that utilise tree climbing and rigging equipment, friction devices, ropes and pulleys and Elevated Work Platforms (EWP) to more complex operations involving cranes and sometimes helicopters for the best management of removing trees. See clip here.

We have never refused a job because it was too difficult, too large or too small.

We process all parts of the tree using our Bandit wood chippers recycling the tree into mulch which is yours to keep and put back into the garden or we can take it away at no extra charge.

Emergency Tree Services

We will endeavour to action all calls and requests for emergency response 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With our extensive array of specialist equipment and staff, we are capable to respond to any call out type and mitigate potentially hazardous situations.

The Northern Rivers is notorious for severe weather events and during these events BBTS are the preferred contact to provide emergency tree services response for Insurance Companies, make safe, the SES, local councils, RMS and Northern NSW property management companies.

Tree Pruning

Trees may require pruning to avoid contact with buildings and other assets, to improve long-term health, vitality and structure, for aesthetic reasons or to simply permit people to interact more safely with them.

All pruning carried out by BBTS is done so according to Australian Standard 4373-2007 ‘Pruning of amenity trees’. There are several different techniques used to prune trees. They may include dead wood removal, tree canopy lifting, thinning, reduction and directional pruning for structural reasons.

Often referred to as “Tree Lopping” or “Topping”, due to the great care Byron Trees takes with the work we do, we find this description is not aligned with the service we provide. The cost of lopping

Stump grinding

Stump grinding is a service that BBTS offers which involves grinding of the trees stump below ground level using a stump grinder. It is the process of removing parts of the tree stump with a large rotating cutting disk with fixed teeth. Stump grinding is usually required to improve aesthetics, remove trip hazards and to make way for new plantings, constructions or landscaping according to site requirements.

A vital member of the BBTS specialised equipment fleet is the Vermeer SC60TX turbo diesel stump grinder. This machine is a top performer in its class and churns through big jobs fast. Rubber tracks reduce impact on the ground as well as increased speed at the stump and the remote control allows the operator to conduct the work in the safest possible position.

Occasionally underground services such as power, optic fibre, water and pipes need to be located prior to any stump grinding operations.

For a free quote to grind your stump please contact us and we arrange for a consultant to visit your site.