Stump grinding

Stump grinding is a service that BBTS offers which involves grinding of the trees stump below ground level using a stump grinder. It is the process of removing parts of the tree stump with a large rotating cutting disk with fixed teeth. Stump grinding is usually required to improve aesthetics, remove trip hazards and to make way for new plantings, constructions or landscaping according to site requirements.

A vital member of the BBTS specialised equipment fleet is the Vermeer SC60TX turbo diesel stump grinder. This machine is a top performer in its class and churns through big jobs fast. Rubber tracks reduce impact on the ground as well as increased speed at the stump and the remote control allows the operator to conduct the work in the safest possible position.

Occasionally underground services such as power, optic fibre, water and pipes need to be located prior to any stump grinding operations.

For a free quote to grind your stump please contact us and we arrange for a consultant to visit your site.



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