Tree Removal

At Byron Bay Tree Services, we love trees, but understand sometimes there is a genuine necessity for tree removal.

Occasionally, trees display defects that can be associated with an elevated risk of failure. In certain cases where that risk is unacceptable, tree removal is the only option. Staff at BBTS are qualified to inspect trees using industry best practice methods such as Visual Tree Assessment (VTA), to determine levels of associated risk and make informed decisions about their management.

Where required, we will remove any tree, in any condition, in any situation, provided the appropriate approvals are granted, however where possible we prefer to retain trees and conduct tree pruning works.

Our Arborists are formally trained and experienced with all operations that utilise tree climbing and rigging equipment, friction devices, ropes and pulleys and Elevated Work Platforms (EWP) to more complex operations involving cranes and sometimes helicopters for the best management of removing trees. See clip here.

We have never refused a job because it was too difficult, too large or too small.

We process all parts of the tree using our Bandit wood chippers recycling the tree into mulch which is yours to keep and put back into the garden or we can take it away at no extra charge.

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